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Nailing Life and Career Transitions

Life and career transitions aren't always a walk in the park. They can be planned, or they surprise you on a random Tuesday afternoon.

About every 12-15 months, most of us experience some sort of a transition. When they happen singularly, management of them is well... more manageable and the impact is not earthshattering .

However, every 3-5 years, the stars align and we are hit with more than one transition at time - we call them lifequakes. Lucky us, right! Some of us have developed toolkits to get us through individual transitions, but when a lifequake hits, a lot of times those toolkits fly out the window.

In my Top 5 Strategies to Nail Life and Career Transition, I outline my approaches to not only surviving transitions and lifequakes, but to thrive within and after! In additional to these approaches, building a resilient mindset will prepare you for anything that comes your way!

According to The Resilience Institute (TRI), a mindset is a mental representation of how things do or don't work. In defining "resilience", in relation to mindset, TRI implies that resilience is a set of skills acquired through effort and support - "bouncing back" from adversity.

The ultimate goal is to build a flexible, resilient mindset: ability to construct a conscious, deliberate alignment of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual resources to engage effectively with a defined situation"

As we approach transitions and lifequakes, it is essential that we have clear, ordered, flexible, and creative thinking in order to clearly view complex situations. This allows us to lean towards mastering the situation and develop creative and adaptive solutions.

A lot of times people feel that they are too far into the heat of things or too far down the hole, this is where a Mindset and Strategy Coach comes in! I work with clients, wherever they are at, to develop a resilient mindset and strategies to navigate and thrive during times of transitions and lifequakes.

How to work with me:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching, 3 or 6 month program

  • 1-on-1 VIP Intensives, 4 hrs (plus pre- and post- feedback and support)

  • Small Group Coaching

  • Live Experiences and Masterclasses

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