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Who I help...
  • High achievers...

    • ​who need support navigating career transitions and professional development,

    • who are feeling disconnected from purpose and priorities

  • Aspiring leaders and managers who need support in team building, coaching, and invoking high performing teams, while creating a culture of innovation and excellence

  • Teams who need re-alignment, re-invigoration, and re-connection

How I do it...
  • VIP Session​

    • In-Person (Washington, DC Metro area) or Virtual, 4-5 hour session

    • Post-session follow-up call

    • Pre-session preparation call​

  • 1-on-1 Coaching (3-6 months)​

    • An intensive, 1-on-1 program designed to transform your career and professional growth 

    • Connect the dots between who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to go

    • Create your action blueprint

  • Monthly, LIVE Experiences and Masterclasses

    • Specific topics designed to help you move the needle towards your career and professional development goals​

  • Facilitation

    • Design Sprints

    • Support and guide strategic planning and visioning

    • Flesh out planning for ideation

    • Problem solving and decision making

    • Help create and maximize effective teams, building on and refining their collective expertise

  • Other Services

    • Resume/CV Makeover​

    • Professional Bio

    • LinkedIn Refresh

    • Networking Resources

    • Interview Preparation

    • Career Coaching, 1hr

What's in it for you...
  • Discover your core values and strengths and create a career that celebrates them

  • Build your personal & professional brand and profile that makes you the clear choice for the job!

  • Find a career that is energizing, meaningful, and intellectually stimulating 

  • Build your confidence for networking and interviewing, as well as presenting

  • Develop your strategy for not just job hunting, but career pathways and professional development

  • Create and develop your team to be dynamic and effective in communication, ideation, production, and problem solving 

  • No longer be that friend that is complaining about their job! Be the one that has butterflies when thinking about yours

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