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Why do you need a Career and Professional Development Coach

WORK-A-HOLIC: You are a high-achiever that is wanting and needing to find a better balance in your life. You are someone that is caught up in the fast-pace chaos, who has over-committed themselves to everything expect the things that your soul may be needing! Someone who doesn't know how or needs support and accountability in figuring out how to prioritize and juggle those things, events, and people that are most important to you.

FALLEN-OFF-THE-WAGON: We all have fallen-off-the-wagon a time or two or ten. And I'm not just talking about your New Year's resolutions like hitting the gym more or shedding 20 lbs. I'm talking about any and all promises you have made to yourself.

Do you know that the one thing that self-confident and successful people have in common? They keep promises to themselves. - Ed Mylett

It has happened to all of us! We promise ourselves that we are going to get to the gym 5x a week, that we are going to write 10 pages a week for our new book, that we are going to get to the office 30 min early to get a jump on the day, that we are going to save an extra $300 a month for a new car. And then, we get distracted. We miss once, and then it becomes twice, thrice, and then we subconsciously say "F*ck IT! We have all fallen-off-the wagon on some commitment we've made ourselves, however, it takes a major mindset shift and action plan to climb back up! This is exactly how a coach can help you - refocus your mind, shake limiting beliefs, and develop your game plan!

OVERWHELMED & ACTION-PARALYZED: Whether you are feeling overwhelmed with just getting your job done - or - you are "informationally" overwhelmed by the endless scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or mainstream news... all of this white-noise creates anxiety and can even cause what I call, "action or decision" paralysis! You aren't alone! We have all been there! Whether you are needing to make a career change, face a life transition, address a health concern, or build better habits or relationships, this is where a Mindset and Strategy Coach can help.

LACK OF DIRECTION or A ROADMAP: Are you spinning in place? Are you interested in so many things or have skills where you simply don't know when, where, or how to apply them? Are you struggling to figure out how to build or grow into your next role or pivot into something new? With this spinning of ideas and interests, we can get dizzy and not move. So what do we need to do, stop and lock your eyes to one thing. Don't expect it to be the right one - expect it to be your launching point to something great! This is where a Strategy coach can help!

As a Mindset & Strategy Coach, focused on career and life transitions, its my job to help you get out of your own way, clearly identify the barriers, the gaps, the expertise that you have and then help you design your action blueprint and hold your accountable and troubleshoot as your progress along your plan. We can work on singular aspects of your life and career, or we can take an integrative approach to ensure sustainable and impactful success!

So take a breath, group a cup of coffee, and let's chat! There are 3 ways to work with me! VIP Intensives, 1-on-1 Coaching, and Monthly Live Experiences. To learn more, sign up now for my quarterly e-newsletter! (I promise not to blow up your email!)

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