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Live Experiences & Masterclasses

Join me each month for a LIVE masterclass or workshop where we will get up close and personal, getting you a step closer to a career that fills you with joy, using your knowledge and skills to the fullest, while challenging you in the most impactful ways. 

Meredith Waters-08.jpg

Upcoming Events

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Summer 2024

Live Masterclass

We all need a Professional Refresh!


Together, we will assess where you are, explore where you could go, and map out a plan to get you there. From career transitions to a professional development game plan... we all need to take a moment and get ourselves together with a clear strategy for transformative progress!


During this masterclass, I will walk you through the key actionable components required to refresh and reboot your career and professional development, but also a my methodologies for polishing your leadership and management styles to help you shine!  

Catch the Replay!!!

Catch the Replay!


Catch the REPLAY

Do you have a talent for self-sabotage that you might not even be aware of? Do you tend to focus on the negative? Do you spend a lot of time worrying about the future, and what could go wrong? Do you ever feel like all of these things might be holding you back from reaching your full potential? 

During this masterclass, you’ll gain the tools you need to battle the self-doubt in your mind and fight back against the negativity that could be holding you back from reaching your full potential. You’ll get a new perspective on the way you tackle your daily life, your short term decisions, and long term goal. 

Get out of your own way, get rid of counterproductive behavior, and learn how to make friends with your own worst enemy- you.

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Catch the Replay!


Catch the REPLAY

Have you ever wished you could change your life? You can! In this live experience, learn how to press pause, assess the damages, redirect your habits and create a more fulfilling existence. 

Did you know about 30% of the workforce changes their career path every 12 months? If you can relate to frequent career changes, or the desire to alternate paths, it might help to know that deciding to make some drastic changes in your life can be done with the help of a life audit.

In fact, regarding your m
ental health, productivity, and overall clarity, a life audit can provide AMAZING results! It’s not just career changes that can have an impact - many aspects of life can benefit from completing a life audit.

My goal is to help you realize which areas of your life might not be progressing as you’d like, and to implement steps to achieve your full potential which you may have disregarded along the way in favor of ‘just getting by.


During this master class, you'll assess the elements of your life that are currently causing you stress, worry, or may be causing a little bit of confusion/frustration. You’ll also gain a clear understanding of how factors such as your environment, relationships, and career all have the potential to improve with just a little bit of awareness and attention.

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Catch the Replay!


Catch the REPLAY

Everyday-stress has become normalized for many of us, but when mild stresses turn into chronic stress, our physical AND mental health suffers. I want to do my part to help you gain a better understanding of the tools you have at your disposal to cope with difficult situations that can create chaos in the mind. 

During this masterclass, I share the connection between mindfullness and self-care while urging you to explore different factors, people, and situations that could be causing you excessive and unnecessary stress. We also discussed ways that you can revise and revive your physical space to enhance your mental state

From learning to protect yourself from toxic relationships to incorporating tips for embracing the present moment, we covered a lot of ground -- but it’s a good starting point to ensure that you cover all your bases when it comes to caring for your mental wellbeing.

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